Rosé 2015

VarietalCarignane, 100%
Appellation: Mendocino
Vinification1 hour skin contact transferred to stainless steel container. Native fermentation.
Aging: 6 Months Stainless Steel
Production: 10 cases

Every year I think I have Rosé figured out and every year it reminds me, in some way, of why it has such a reputation of being delicate and difficult to master. This year I worked with a gorgeous Carignane that I have had as a red wine in past years. I picked it in particular for its vibrant aromatics and fruitiness. Since I enjoyed its innate features so much I wanted to try something outlandish, let it ferment natively. This is rarely done with Rosé due to its low amount of nutrients. The fermentation went slow, but eventually settled on 0.1 g sugar left while still having a snappy finish due to the high amount of acid. When it came time to bottle I did not filter the wine, something I dislike doing on all of my wines because it can vastly reduce its intensity. While in bottle the unfiltered yeast found that 0.1 g and, just as in champagne, began fermenting away causing a bubbly quality and an off putting aromatic from the CO2 build up. In an effort to resurrect the wine I uncorked every bottle, poured them in to a fermentation tank, and let them finish all of their activity after a week of resting. The results were spectacular. I lovingly hand bottled every last drop and am very excited to share this phoenix of a wine with everyone I can. The wine itself is bright and full of character.

While the nose hints at pink grapefruits and some tutti-frutti qualities, this wine explodes to life on the palette. Bushels of ripe wild strawberries are in unison with tart watermelon and pink lemonade qualities paired with a full mouth feel that finishes crisp and zippy leaving the imbiber the distinct impression of enjoying freshly sun-ripened fruit in the heat of a summer day.