Corvina 2016

Varietal:  Corvina 85%, Cabernet Sauvignon 15%
Appellation: Lodi 85%, Central Coast 15%
Vinification: 100% de-stemmed, 15% Cabernet added a month before bottling.
Aging: 10 months Neutral oak
Production: 1 barrel, 27 cases

Corvina, take 2. As you may have noticed: the label is darker and more pronounced this year - as is the wine. I fell in love with the exotic flavors that Corvina brings to the table, such as gooseberries and lychees, but when grown in the warm climate of Lodi it does not develop very robust color (if barely any at all!)

 This provoked me in to doing some research. Turns out that in its home of the Veneto the majority of wine makers will blend it - and some even blend it with Cabernet Sauvignon to produce a wine that is more familiar both in flavor and hue. Well, lucky me, I started making Cab this year and it just-so-happens that the Cab had such intense color that it slightly dyed its fermenting bin! 

Initially I did a trial blend of 5% Cab. The color? Deep, dark, and much more appropriate for the intense flavors of the wine. However something else happened: all shades of berries blossomed thanks to the blend. It developed more complexity that was in neither the Corvina nor the Cab. So I blended more...first 10%...then 15%...then 20% (too much!). I landed on 15% for the perfect level of berry pie filling and still retaining everything that first made me fall in love with Corvina. Together we have a medium-plus bodied wine with the jasmine and supple fruit of Corvina with this unique berry menagerie that developed from the blend, finishing with a nice smooth finish. 

IMG_1147 2.jpg