About Us


Casey has had an interest in wine from early on in his life. It all started when at a very young age he tried his first sip of wine at his cousin's wedding, opening up a whirlwind of curiosity and wonder. What made it dry? What made it taste like vanilla? It was unlike anything he had ever experienced. So many variables in such a humble beverage.

This led him to Cal Poly's Wine and Viticulture program, but following graduation he was unsatisfied with his employment options so he pursued his  Master's in Microbiology at SFSU. 


During his time in San Francisco he began working in wine sales on the side and gradually made connections and gathered a broad range of wine knowledge from real world tastes, old world ascetics and the importance of a good label. 

Eight combined vintages later Casey embarked on his dream of running his own winery and CB Wine Cellars was founded in 2012.

Just like his namesake: Mighty Casey is up to bat, with the world watching he's determined to knock it out of the park.